About Thierry

For the past decade, Thierry Jabbour, a perfectionist and tenacious Senior Investment Advisor, has used a global approach to wealth management to help his clients make sound investment, retirement, tax and estate planning decisions. Since 2012, he has reached and maintained the number one revenue standing Top Advisor position nationwide amongst 1200 Advisors and Division Managers at Manulife Securities in Canada.

He joined Manulife Securities Incorporated in 2007 after Manulife Financial acquired Berkshire Securities Inc. Since 2011, Mr. Jabbour has been in the top one percentile in wealth management, tax minimization and production.

Mr. Jabbour has received numerous Branch level awards including Top Advisor in 2013, 2014 and 2015 as well as Top Regional Builder in 2013 and 2014. He has been a member of the prestigious Manulife's President's Circle since 2012.

Believing in a global approach to financial strategies, Thierry, along with his team of specialists, excels by providing expert investment and financial strategies advice (on both a personal and corporate level). His unparalleled quality of care is acknowledged by numerous referrals.

Thierry Jabbour is in a leadership role at the Dorval branch of Manulife Securities Incorporated where he acts as a mentor to numerous Advisors. In addition to providing on-going practical training to current team members, Thierry customizes personal and group workshops which focus on up-to-date wealth management strategies for existing and potential clients.

Thierry continues to foster business relationships with prominent tax lawyers, chartered accountants, notaries and experts in various fields to complement the services he offers.

He has held multiple seminars at some of Montreal's most prestigious accounting firms, sharing the latest tax efficient investment strategies that are most often overlooked. Mr. Jabbour's clients seek his expert advice on Capital Protection, long-term Capital Appreciation, well-integrated financial strategies and tailor-made tax efficient income plans. Complementary to the above, Thierry and his team offer Tax and Estate Planning advice on both personal and business levels.


Work: (514) 421-7090 ext. 255
Cell: (514) 652-2527


1405 TransCanada, Suite 200
Dorval, Quebec, CA
H9P 2V9